Different types of Men’s Hats

April 4, 2018 By jessica

Different types of Men’s Hats

Even if you don’t get into the story of the more recent Sherlock Holmes movies, you could have quite a good time checking out some of the great hats and other wardrobe in the film.
When it comes to men’s hats, there are many to choose from.  Obviously, it just comes down to what you think will be comfortable and what really helps you express your style the most.
Navigating the various types of hats and the subtle differences between them is easy if you have a place like this to start.  Here is a list of some of my favorite hats.  Knowing the specific name of your favorite hat will help you when trying to locate one for sale or in finding pictures and further information on the internet.

The Bowler Hat or Derby
To me, the derby has always embraced both the look of the ‘tough guy’ and the refined gentleman.  It looks great with casual clothes as well as a 3-piece suit.  It is classy and compact.  It has a modest silhouette so as not to become overbearing in a group of people or indoors.

The Homburg
The homburg hat has a more playful and adventurous feel to it.   It is as comfortable in the city streets as it may be out on the countryside.  It has a moderate brim so provide protection from sun and other less hospitable weather.
The Fedora or Trilby Hat
Like the derby, the fedora is compact and fairly unassuming.  Keep in mind, there are many different variations of the fedora with minimal 1 inch brims to the more dashing 3 inch brims like that worn by Indiana Jones.  In my opinion, the fedora has always been a metropolitan hat best worn with a suit.
Top Hat
What can I say?  What other hat could you seen on Ebenezer Scrooge, Slash and a Prime Minister?  The top hat has timeless appeal and a whole lot of impact.  It takes a certain type of gent to sport a top hat.
Flat Cap, Driving Cap or Sporting Cap
This is my go-to casual hat.   Comfortable to be sure and versatile as well.  This hat is easy to find and adds a touch of old-world flair to any outfit.  I enjoy this hat because it is so easy to implement into most any outfit from slacks to shorts.
The Porkpie Hat
If you ask me, the porkpie hat has spunk and an attitude all it’s own.   It has a sense of humor as well as a street-smart edge.  I’ve noticed that the porkpie has long been the hat of choice for musicians when looking for an easy way to spice up their look.  While the porkpie is not extremely unusual, it will most likely be the only one at the party giving you a leg-up as a fashion-forward trend-setter.


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