The Emo Lifestyle

January 16, 2018 By jessica

The Emo Lifestyle

Emo means emotional rock. This phrase is contradictory I understand, mostly all music is emotional in some way.

What sets this apart?

Emo is extra emotional (super-sized if in ways), and that’s why it’s known to as emo. This phrase now describes lyrics about existence, love, and effects, wicked bar guitar chords, quick power guitar chords, melodic guitar riffs, and punk rock-like drum beats. Typically the most popular instruments for emo bands are guitar, bass, and drums, but every every now and then, a violin or synthesizer will appear.

Emo Fashion:

Most emo-type people put on tight pants and kid-sized full bleed t-t shirts with old-fashioned athletic shoes, for example Chuck Taylors, eighties style Reeboks, or Sauconys . Flannel t shirts, sprang collars, truck driver hats, extra-large shades, lengthy hair, and fake-hawks will also be popular. A fake-hawk is a very wide mo-hawk that is not as drastic or as attractive like a traditional mo-hawk.


All you hear is really a stereo-type. There might be a company-like professional gentleman that likes the emo scene. Could also be a lengthy-haired hippy-like stoner that likes just a little emo from time to time.

Emo History

A brief history of emo is sort of less ambiguous than its current meaning. “Emo” music developed from the D.C. punk scene within the 1980s. In the original incarnation, emo was short for emocore, or emotional-hardcore. The name was put on hardcore punk rock bands who distinguished themselves using their peers with the addition of a psychological aspect of their music, coping with sadness and love and angst within their lyrics. The background music seemed to be characterised by particularly dramatic vocals which, at the best, left the crowd within an psychologically billed condition, crying or screaming. Nowadays, emo continues to be made popular and sent in to the mainstream through bands like Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday and Saves your day.


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